Processing Guide Index (PDF)
  Section Title
1 Glossary of Thermoset Molding Terms
2 Storage of Thermoset Materials
3 Thermoset Part Design Tips
4 Injection Molding
5 Injection Unit Design Tips
6 Injection Mold Design Tips
7 Injection Phenolic Startup Procedure
8 Injection Polyester Startup Procedure
9 Injection Troubleshooting Chart
9 Injection Troubleshooting Guide
9 Injection Troubleshooting Index
10 BMC Injection Startup Procedure
11 BMC Injection Troubleshooting Chart
11 BMC Injection Troubleshooting Guide
11 BMC Injection Troubleshooting Index
12 Compression Molding
13 Compression Mold Design Tips
14 Preforming & Preheating
15 Cold Powder Compression Setup
16 Preheat Compression Phenolic Startup Procedure
17 Preheat Compression Polyester Startup Procedure
18 Compression Troubleshooting Chart
18 Compression Troubleshooting Guide
18 Compression Troubleshooting Index
19 BMC Compression Setup
20 BMC Preheat Compression Startup Procedure
21 BMC Compression Troubleshooting Chart
21 BMC Compression Troubleshooting Guide
21 BMC Compression Troubleshooting Index
22 Transfer Molding
23 Transfer Mold Design Tips
24 Transfer Molding Phenolic Startup Procedure
25 Transfer Molding Polyester Startup Procedure
26 Transfer Troubleshooting Chart
26 Transfer Troubleshooting Guide
26 Transfer Troubleshooting Index
27 BMC Transfer Molding Startup Procedure
28 BMC Transfer Troubleshooting Chart
28 BMC Transfer Troubleshooting Guide
28 BMC Transfer Troubleshooting Index
29 Preventive Maintenance
The purpose of this manual is to serve as an information guide for thermoset product designers, mold designers, mold makers and molders. It has been compiled by the Plenco Technical Service Group from many years of experience in the thermoset molding industry. We offer to share this information with our molding compound customers, for whatever value it may have. As with all suggestions, they may not necessarily apply in every circumstance, but we believe they are generally accurate and we hope you find them helpful.

The manual is organized into sections pertaining to injection molding, compression molding, transfer molding, thermoset part design, preventative maintenance of presses and molds and a glossary of terms.

While we have attempted to be as thorough as possible in preparing each section, this manual is a living document. Therefore, we welcome any comments, input or questions you may have while using it.

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