Plenco melamine-phenolic compounds are also available in electrical grades for use in those applications requiring good ratings for electrical arc and track resistance. Laboratory tests demonstrate conformance to V-O flammability ratings in 1.5 mm cross sections. Plenco 00714 and 00755 are only available in brown color.

With more than a quarter-century of service, these compounds have performed well for switchgear and similar applications. Resistance to electrical tracking and surface abrasion during repetitive switch cycling are hallmarks of these materials. These characteristics make them worthy candidates for many demanding engineering applications.

Typical Applications for Phenolic Molding Materials

  • Colored knobs, buttons, and toggles
  • Medical and dental equipment
  • Electrical contact blocks, switchgear, relay bases, and wire nuts
  • Thermostat housings
  • Shuffleboard disks
  • Automotive ignition parts



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