Plenco operates large manufacturing and warehouse facilities in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. The construction of these plants is the result of the efforts of Plenco's own engineering staff - many of whom are registered Professional Engineers. This staff is involved in the planning, development, installation, and continuous improvement of plant equipment. These units are capable of producing resin products under strict process control as well as molding materials with a high level of quality and consistency. The engineering of our manufacturing factory and its expansions has produced a facility deliberately designed around large capacity production, smooth efficient flow of manufacturing processes, and adaptability to equipment and product change. Throughout its design history, manufacturing cost containment has been a key element. Well-developed preventive maintenance programs (PMP) assure the consistent on-time delivery of Plenco products.

At all levels, our plant operations utilize management practices and the best available technology to maximize product quality and minimize environmental impact. These carefully planned efforts have reduced production waste to levels approaching zero. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has awarded Plenco a Letter of Commendation in recognition of our "voluntary initiative to reduce toxic emissions and foster pollution prevention as the preferred approach to environmental improvement."


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