The standards for judging quality customer service continually change. Plenco's dedication to keeping current with emerging technologies in manufacturing processes, inventory control, and product distribution systems permits us to meet the changing needs of our worldwide customer base.

Investments in distribution facilities, equipment, and experienced personnel allow us to respond to our domestic and foreign customer product delivery requirements. This is accomplished by maintaining raw material and finished goods inventories at levels required to service customer demands and provide on-time deliveries.

Plenco has the systems in place to communicate electronically (EDI) with our customers in support of current manufacturing concepts such as JIT and Kanban. Systems are also in use and available to supply requirements in inventory identification and bar coding.

Working closely with Sales, Manufacturing, and Quality Assurance departments, Plenco's distribution team quickly and accurately schedules shipments. From truckloads of molding compounds and powdered resins to tanker trailers of liquid resins, we have the means to service our customer packaging and transportation requests.

At Plenco we realize that simply providing acceptable levels of service is not good enough. Continuous efforts are made to provide the superior service required to gain and maintain preferred supplier status. To achieve this, Plenco's distribution team remains alert and responsive to all of the product delivery requirements of our customers.


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