At Plenco we are committed to building strategic relationships with our customers. To achieve this goal, Plenco is dedicated to the following principles of doing business: Consistently manufacturing quality molding materials and resins.

  • Meeting or exceeding customers' total expectations.

  • Participating in an exchange of knowledge and ideas to enhance our customers' processing capabilities.

  • Meeting periodically with our customers' management, technical, and manufacturing personnel to review continuous improvement toward mutual goals.

  • Constantly exploring options for cost containment.

  • Maximizing responsiveness to our customers through lead-time reduction and optimum delivery performance.

  • Reducing inventory levels by exploring ways for JIT deliveries.

  • Optimizing material handling efficiencies with EDI, bar coding, and other electronic systems.

  • Regularly exploring continuous improvements in processing techniques.

  • Providing prompt and thorough engineering support and technical service.

  • Continually improving all levels of the supplier/customer relationship.


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