Plastics Engineering Company, a family owned and managed business founded in 1934, established as its corporate mission a sincere desire to respond efficiently to the needs of our customers through development, manufacture, and servicing of useful, high-value products. Our mission is accomplished by an uncompromising adherence to customer requirements and safety in manufacturing, with consideration given to our environment and surrounding community, and with sensitivity to the needs of our employees.

We are particularly proud of our long-established reputation as a world leader in the development and refinement of thermosetting resins and molding compounds; a reputation emanating from the success of our company founders in creating a corporate culture dedicated to the principles of continuous improvement. Such dedication created a product development and service organization that is able to rapidly respond to the ever-changing technical requirements of our customers. It also created a well-engineered, equipped, and maintained manufacturing facility capable of sustaining a high level of productive efficiency while allowing extremely flexible production scheduling. The spirit of continuous improvement has allowed our company to attain ISO 9001 certified status. Consequently, Plastics Engineering Company consistently demonstrates its ability to deliver on time a wide range of reliable, quality products requiring a minimal amount of customer order lead time.

Our mission regards people as Plastics Engineering Company's most-valued resource. Proper sensitivity to the needs of our employees and their families has resulted in low turnover, creating a work force that has achieved a high level of manufacturing experience and technical knowledge. We have established an employee operational relationship based on effective employee involvement concepts. By promoting self-expression and by recognizing the value of individual contributions, we enable our people to keep us on the leading edge of our industry.

Michael R. Brotz


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